What I Would Like To Do Is Ordering Two Replica Watches

Anyway, thanks for the kind offer. If I was to order again, would you be able to provide a photograph of the actual item before sending it, for QA purposes? Just one photo of the dial would be sufficient. If you can do this then I would be happy to order one or two more watches.

Rolex Replica Watch

I did think about selecting watches without the date window but I couldn’t find any that I like. The Rolex DateJust are always my favorite!

The bad news is it seems that the website where I used to select the watches has been shut down.

But anyway what I would like to do is ordering two watches. I have attached a screenshot of the first (it is the same watch that I ordered last time – I took the screenshot when I ordered it).  I would also like the black dial version of the same watch. I don’t have a screenshot of that, the price was the same but it had the black dial (it was called the Rolex DateJust Swiss ETA 2836 movement with 14k wrapped gold two tone with black-dial).

Rolex Replica Watch

Can you please provide a photo of these two replica watches UK (the actual items you will send) as discussed below? Then I would be happy to order both, at a nice price.
No you’re not getting what I’m trying to say. The hour hand goes underneath the power reserve hand and the seconds hand so it can’t move when it gets to these positions. For the watch to work the hour hand would need to move over the top of these. The power reserve and second hand block the progress of the hour hand and nothing I can do will fix it.

* When an order is made on a website, it’s common practice for the company to send the customer a receipt.

* The fact there’s no telephone number to speak to a staff member also concerns me.

* The spelling and use of language on the website is very poor, leading me to believe it isn’t professional.

* There’s no customer reviews on the website, which there surely would be if the company was confident in their products.

* I searched for reviews elsewhere and none of them were positive. Some of which said emails were never replied to, others said they’re still waiting for their watch months after ordering.

Rolex Replica Watch

I purchased a watch for my daughters birthday but had to have some link removed so it would fit.

I removed a couple but the bracelet broke where it has been poorly welded to the clasp. I can provided photos if you need.

I know the watch is a replica but I didn’t expect to pay all that money and not be able to wear it

Please can you replace the watch or bracelet so my daughter is able able to wear it.

Thank you for your reply £20 for postage seems unreasonable as you have sold me a watch that is not fit for purpose

Rolex Replica Watch

I know I purchase a replica watch but for the price I paid it should be of some good quality.

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