No Working Rolex Replica Watch

I think your supplier needs to understand what luminous means, it means it glows in the dark, if you are going to stand underneath a light you don’t need it to be luminous because you can see it anyway, as I said in my previous email I have a very much cheaper copy that remains luminous for hours after normal daylight use and I thought by buying a more expensive one would be a better watch. By the way I have a genuine sub that also stays luminous.

Thanks for your reply. The only reason I did not pursue my claim for this faulty watch is I had a similar problem with another watch a few months earlier from another dealer, again in China. Although a lot cheaper about £70 I think. However,  the dealer made no effort to respond to my issues. The distance makes it an easy get out.

Still wanting a replica Rolex I thought if I spent more money and from another dealer where “Noob” finished replica watches uk were supposed to be better I ordered one from yourself.

Within one week the watch would not wind from the winder. After one month and the only way to wind by wrist movement it would only hold the wind now and again. Finally, the date would not change properly and after six months of random working it  ceased to work.

So you see why now I had no faith in even trying to get this faulty watch sorted.

At least I feel better for having my say, but I am still out of pocket by £300 and no working watch. Would you buy another ?

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