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No Working Rolex Replica Watch

I think your supplier needs to understand what luminous means, it means it glows in the dark, if you are going to stand underneath a light you don’t need it to be luminous because you can see it anyway, as I said in my previous email I have a very much cheaper copy that remains luminous for hours after normal daylight use and I thought by buying a more expensive one would be a better watch. By the way I have a genuine sub that also stays luminous.

Thanks for your reply. The only reason I did not pursue my claim for this faulty watch is I had a similar problem with another watch a few months earlier from another dealer, again in China. Although a lot cheaper about £70 I think. However,  the dealer made no effort to respond to my issues. The distance makes it an easy get out.

Still wanting a replica Rolex I thought if I spent more money and from another dealer where “Noob” finished replica watches uk were supposed to be better I ordered one from yourself.

Within one week the watch would not wind from the winder. After one month and the only way to wind by wrist movement it would only hold the wind now and again. Finally, the date would not change properly and after six months of random working it  ceased to work.

So you see why now I had no faith in even trying to get this faulty watch sorted.

At least I feel better for having my say, but I am still out of pocket by £300 and no working watch. Would you buy another ?

The Replica Watches UK Look Awesome


Please be aware I live in North Wales and I can only purchase these using my credit card issued by HSBC.
In this part of the world we have only recently changed from having our postal items sent by pigeon!

Could I please just purchase watch number 2638 the ladies watch and with the discount you offered. How much would that be please? It will be a birthday present for my wife and I need it before next Friday.

Well I’ve done it! Bought another of your Swiss replica watches for my wife’s birthday. I do hope it really is a watch that you say is of quality for a cheap replica.

This may sound a little ‘cheeky’ but you were kind enough to offer me discount because of the problem with the Rolex watch I bought and very grateful I was, thank you.

Before that, however, you did offer me VIP discount and I wondered if that still applies because I’m sure my son would like to purchase some replica watches UK from you.

Can I just say I am so pleased with your service and the quality of your products. I hope you do well in your business and trading.

Yes, I will be ordering new watches in the future, so many thanks for your offer of discount which if I read your emails correctly, is 10 percent.

Are you able to supply waterproof watches that can be used for swimming and diving?

I just received my watch and it looks awesome!  I couldn’t be more happy with it. In fact, I’d like to order another one just like it and a submariner.  Also, I can pay you for shipping this watch.  Please send me a link to your website, I’ve misplaced it.  Also, when I order again, how can you make sure it doesn’t get lost in customs and be delivered like the one today?

I really think you should replace my now useless replica watches sale as I informed you within the time stated on your website of the fault. I would be willing to pay the postage etc plus send this watch back or just throw it away as it is useless and the watch shops
won’t touch it! How much to send me an explorer 8808?

Please Replace The Replica Watches UK


The watch on the right is the watch I brought from you before. Please check my previous order with you. I am not happy with the quality of the cheap replica watches. You have sent the first picture shows there is no Rolex sticker on the back? On the second and third picture the watch on the right (the one I brought from you before) the hour indicators are bigger, the Rolex logo is bigger, even the hands are bigger? Can you please exchange for the correct watch ordered or refund the money, I would expect the correct watch that I ordered from you when paying over 200.00 pound for it. Please let me know as soon as possible what you can do. I have not worn the watch only unpacked it.

The inside may be the same I do not know and this does not concern me. The point I am trying to make is it’s the outside that matters. There is no Rolex hologram sticker on the back, the hour markers, hands, and Rolex logo on the face of the watch are too small. It is not a replica to the standard of the last watch you supplied to me. It is not a replica of a Sea dweller due all the points mentioned above. I want you to either replace the replica watches UK with an exact replica of a Sea dweller like the one you advertise on your web site or refund the money and I will post you the watch back.

I am not happy with the watch you have sent.  I have had an email to confirm payment, on this email sent from them is a complaint procedure if I am not happy with the service you have provided. I want a response form you before Thursday as to if you are going to exchange the replica watches sale with a genuine replica or refund my money?