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I Did Not Want A 38mm Hublot Big Bang Replica Watch

Can you please exchange the watch for a replacement, and forward the address to send the watch to for the replacement.

Following your last e-mail, and with no response to me reply, I have been in contact with the authorities for information regarding my rights for a refund or replacement for the faulty watch you supplied.

According to the Consumer Rights Act 2017 I am entitled to a replacement or full refund, if the goods sold to me are not fit for purpose for a reasonable amount of time, and 2 weeks is certainly not reasonable. Neither is it reasonable to expect me to have the watch repaired.

It is not the manufacturers responsibility either it is the supplier I purchased the item from. I am hoping we can reach an amicable conclusion to this matter i.e. a full refund or an exact replacement for the faulty watch you supplied me.

The watch has arrived today. I must say I’m extremely disappointed and unhappy. I have had the watch 10 minutes and removing it from the packaging the whole bezel fell off in my hands! It now has a screw missing and on top of all that it’s not what I ordered at all Despite the fact that I sent an email stating that I had not ordered a Big Bang 38mm I had ordered a 44mm vendome I have still been sent the Big Bang, this is after I was assured I would be sent the vendome. An absolute disgrace from start to finish I wish I had never visited your site. This was supposed to be a special present for my husband at Christmas I saved hard to be able to buy it for him and now he has nothing. I am eager to here what you are going to do to rectify this for me. I can send you pictures of the broken Hublot replica watches at your request.

I will send you pictures of watch. Despite the fact that this is broken it is not the watch I paid for! Why have I been sent this model? I have communicated with you before that I did not want a 38mm Big Bang I ordered a 45mm vendom fusion watch. I was assured by your staff that this would be sent to me. If you didn’t have it in stock I should have been told and refunded my money I am very disappointed this is the worst customer service I have ever had.