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It Looks The Same As The Replica Watches With The Black Dial

Before I place the order: As you said the watch in the picture looks blue. It is important to me that the watch that I buy will look authentic. This is why, although I like more the blue in the original watch, I prefer a replica watch with a black dial that should make it look the same as the original watch with the black dial. Can I trust that the actual replica watch with the black dial really looks the same as the original watch with the black dial?

Breitling Replica Watch

I am sorry, but you have not answered my simple question if the black dial replica looks the same as the black dial original watch.

If you want to send me pictures for comparison please send same frontal pictures of the black and the blue replica watches.

I know exactly how the real Breitling Chronomat Evolution looks like in blue and in black. As I mentioned in my first contact with you – the blue dial replica of the Chronomat Evolution as appeared  in your website is different from the blue of the original watch and you confirmed my observation. Therefore I prefer to buy the replica of the black dial Chronomat Evolution, trusting that all the details look exactly as in the picture you sent and that it is a real black dial that looked blue in the picture that was taken because of its synthetic sapphire glass.

Breitling Replica Watch

Please confirm that it is really so and email me back the model number of this black dial replica of the Chronometer Evolution watch so I can place a replica watches UK order.

Please understand that I keep asking all these questions because so far you are the only company that I found that sells such an accurate replica but you also charge for it twice and more of the average price of the other companies. Therefore I need to be sure that what I buy is what I want. I don’t want to receive a watch which is different from the one I believe that I order and then have to return it back.

Breitling Replica Watch

The watch that I want to buy is not cheap. Therefore I don’t see the difficulty to take another picture of the real watch that you will send to me and email or whatsapp it to me so that I will be convinced that what I believe that I buy is what I really receive. You can ask the watch supplier to take another picture, this time in a way that it will not change the color from black to blue. I already had a bad experience not long ago when I bought from another company a replica watch according to the picture as appeared at their site and received something with many differences from the picture. I had to return it. This time I want to be sure and convinced with a real picture.

Breitling Replica Watch

Look, I am serious but also cautious. I want to make sure that what I think that I buy is really what I buy. Therefore I repeat my request to receive a clear picture of the black dial watch taken by you or by your supplier (in which we see a black watch and not blue) before I place the order.